Maximising value from Social Technology; the three maturity stages

mit Ana Neves & Jaap Linssen

Ana Neves, knowman

Ana Neves, Owner & Management Consultant, knowman

Ana Neves is the founder and managing director of Knowman, a consulting company focused on knowledge management, social networks and cultural change. Before, she led a Cultural Change programme at a large British bank, and was Knowledge Network Manager at the NHS. Ana is the organiser of the Social Now conference, co-author of the Social Collaboration Maturity Benchmark, and responsible for other projects where she explores the role of knowledge management and social technologies to shape smarter organisations and a better society.
Jaap Linssen, OrangeTrail

Jaap Linssen, Founding Partner, OrangeTrail

Jaap is founder and owner of OrangeTrail. He specialises in showing companies, teams, and individuals the benefits of social collaboration and communication. He assists multinational organisations such as Nestlé, Heineken,, or ING bank. He specialises in large scale change programs.

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