Status Quo des Digital Workplace

#iomtalk 021 mit Stephan Schillerwein

Stephan Schillerwein, Schillerwein Net Consulting

Stephan Schillerwein, Digital Workplace Advisor, Schillerwein Net Consulting

Creating Digital Workplaces that enable people and organisations to work in fundamentally better and smarter ways is what Stephan Schillerwein’s work and passion is about. He is a renowned specialist in the field with over 15 years of experience in Information Management and Digital Media. He has helped more than 50 organisations of all industry sectors and sizes optimise their business, acted as an Intranet and Online Manager in a number of organisations, led a research practise at an innovative consulting company and evaluated intranets at a leading benchmarking institution.
Beschreibung zum Talk
Thema des letzten #iomtalks vor dem Ausklang des IOM SUMMIT 2020 ist der Status Quo des Digital Workplace. Zusammen mit Stephan Schillerwein ziehen wir einen Vergleich zwischen der Schweiz und Deutschland.

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