Diskussion: Challenges & recommendations for the digital transformation of the organization

mit Lee Bryant, Rita Zonius & Tanya Burak

Lee Bryant, Postshift

Lee Bryant, Founder, Postshift

As the founder of Headshift, Dachis Europe and Postshift, Lee has helped pioneer digitally-enabled organisational transformation, working at a senior level with some of the largest firms in European industry, finance, telecoms, professional services and other sectors as both a consultant and educator. He believes networks and platform ecosystems are the building blocks of truly scalable organisational models, rather than bureaucratic management hierarchy, and he is currently working on the development of models for the future organisational operating system.
Rita Zonius, The Enterprise Social Engineer

Rita Zonius, Director, The Enterprise Social Engineer

Rita is an experienced corporate communications practitioner, social media advisor and internationally certified executive coach, focused on helping organisations and their leaders be the most open, social and collaborative they can be. Before establishing her business, Rita led Internal Digital Communications at one of Australia’s top four banks, ANZ, to help the organisation realise the business benefits of enterprise social technologies. Her work has been widely recognised as a ‘textbook’ example of building digital capability in a way that has delivered real business value.
Tanya Burak, Savills plc

Tanya Burak, Director, Internal Communications, Savills plc

Tanya is responsible for the global internal communication function at Savills, including the global intranet. Savills internal communication strategy is to ensure all the firm's professionals have the information they need to best advise their clients, provide a collaborative environment for them to share their expertise and experience, and to contribute to the overall career and personal success of all Savills employees. Originally from Toronto, Canada, Tanya moved to the UK in 2006. Tanya is a member of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations, and has worked in marketing and internal communications for more than 15 years, focused on the property and professional services sector.

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